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Regular Meetings

Networking has long been recognized as a powerful tool for business people and professionals.

Advantages of attending regular meetings-

  • You get to meet a group of likeminded individuals
  • You make new contacts
  • It will help you focus on what you are looking to achieve
  • Get new ideas, inspiration and motivation from speakers and other attendees
  • You can be empowered and re-energized
  • You can find a mentor
  • You can take up a consulting or mentoring projects
  • You may learn new things very quickly and without research
  • You may find support to take your projects forward
  • You may find partners – both financially and emotionally for what you are looking to achieve!

Annual Retreat

All work and no play is no fun at all, even when you are running the entire show. To take care of that little problem, we bring you an event, perhaps like no other. It is your time to unwind with some of the best minds of the country. Come and be a part of the retreat, a grand event full of engaging activities over a period of 2 days, to cater to your intellectual appetite, an opportunity to engage with business leaders across sectors, explore new arenas of business growth and have fun at same time. The annual retreat will have interesting activities ranging from round table conferences, speaker series, workshops which will end with Gala Night. Whether you are running a multi-billion dollar industry or just entering the club, there is something for everyone to learn and appreciate. Do not miss it!

CXO Awards

Praise and appreciation from one’s peers is perhaps the greatest compliment one can get. To that effect we bring you the CXO Awards. This is your opportunity to shine and make your mark where it matters. The awards which will be given in two categories – Performance and Innovation, to young budding CXOs are a great opportunity for the stars to shine. They will put the spotlight firmly on you, and give you a platform to showcase your talents. On the other hand if you are the one of those giving out the awards, it is a brilliant opportunity to scout for the top talent in your industry. Gaze upon the stars of the future, as they vie for this coveted prize.